Our Values

We desire to support and encourage our ministry partners not only with financial gifts but also through personal involvement and prayer.  While our involvement is desired it is not required for the making of a grant towards an organization.


Cabe Legacy Foundation was formed when The C. Louis and Mary C. Cabe Foundation split in 2012. C. Louis and Mary C. Cabe lived in Arkansas and formed a foundation that focused its grant activity primarily in that state. The Cabe Legacy Foundation was formed by their grandchildren in order to expand giving beyond the state of Arkansas to Christian organizations that further the cause of Christ. As heirs of C. Louis and Mary C. Cabe we seek to create a legacy that honors them and serves the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission

We seek to serve Jesus Christ by giving to those who further His Kingdom through evangelism, serving and providing for those in need, equipping and education.

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11700 Preston Road, Suite 660 #611 Dallas, TX 75230